A Men's Conference

August 8th, 2020

Ready for The Warrior Conference?
Michael Bodine
Soulcon Ministry
Eric Stewart
Liberty Baptist
Manning Minton
Robby Williams
Travis Watson
Mickey Fuller
Worship Leader
Joseph Dockery

Joseph Dockery is a Pastor at Concord Baptist Church with the Biblical mission and motto to Make Disciples Everywhere.  He currently serves as the Associate and Worship Pastor of their new Bilingual Campus, Concord Iglesia Bilingue, as well as one of the Worship Pastors for their Clermont Campus.  He graduated from Toccoa Falls College Majoring in Biblical Theology as well as General Music.  He is currently pursuing his Masters of Divinity at Western University.  He is a Bible Nerd that is mesmerized by the incomparable story that the Bible tells, and is convinced that it all points to the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth as the ultimate gift from God to the world.  As a result, he aims to cultivate praise and worship experiences that are Christ centered, scripturally based, church edifying, and above all, God honoring.  He is passionate about small group discipleship and meets with multiple groups weekly.  He also is a Star Wars loving, Lord of the Rings reading, basketball coaching goofball that tries really hard not to fit into a stereotype.  He and his lovely wife Olivia enjoy serving the Lord in all that they do together as well as going on hikes.  You might find them cuddled up watching Westerns or hanging out with Dominicans in the Dominican Republic.  


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